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  1. Please how can I cancel a withdrawal, I couldn’t finish the process and it’s not letting me try again

  2. It has been three days I requested for my 100 mb up till now is still pending, will it take up to a year to receive only 100mb?

      1. I registered as earn free data community which took me up to a week and days to get that 100mb now giving an excuse of my email not fund on the dataway. Must I register with 2k before the free data community earnings will be approved?

        1. YES, that is where we will credit your data anytime you withdraw.
          When you register on with 2k, you will get 2GB data value, your referral will get 1k commission with 1GB data bonus.
          This same opportunity is applicable to you as a member once you register.
          You will also have opportunity to buy and sell VTUs including airtime and data and other bill payment.

          Kindly register asap so you can gain access to all the opportunities we offer while you keep enjoying this free data earning too. Thank you.